Benefits of Concrete Pavements and Hardstands

Concrete pavements and hardstands offer numerous benefits and are typically used for parking lots, storage yards, loading docks and various other commercial settings.

Concrete pavements and hardstands are known for resistance to wear and tear and are constructed to be durable with low maintenance requirements.

Concrete is ideal for applications where long periods of heavy / equipment storage and use, and tight, vehicle manoeuvrability is important. It provides the durability and longevity for optimum hardstand and pavement operations.

Concrete Pavement and Hardstand Strength and Durability:

– Because of inherit strength, concrete is durable and robust in withstanding heavy loads and constant traffic.
– This makes them less prone to rutting and deformation and therefore more suitable for heavy machinery storage and use.

Cost benefits 

– Concrete pavements and hardstands are cost-competitive when considering total lifespan use of the asset.
– Concrete is resistant to UV radiation, oxidation, and other environmental factors that can degrade bitumen over time.
– Constructed correctly, concrete hardstands and concrete pavements require little maintenance and associated costs.

In summary, concrete is advantageous for its strength, durability, low maintenance and long-term ROI considering total lifespan use of the assets.

Terazzo Concrete Construction – Concrete Pavement and Hardstand Specialists

If you are thinking about improving your hardstand facilities, please consider the experience and expertise of your contractor to manage the complexities of the job properly, the first time.

Terazzo Concrete Construction is a specialist in pavement and hardstand constructions.

Our services include both new constructions and maintenance and are executed quickly to minimise your operational downtime including as follows:

– Out of business hours work
– High strength, fast curing concrete mixes
– Quality assurance guarantee for long-life durability
– Complementary, fast quotes
– Quick project turn-around

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Clients benefit by talking with us early in the planning process to assess for complementary advice on cost-efficient construction solutions.

Our commercial concrete design and construction solutions are managed by our highly experienced and professional team.

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