Concrete Design Specialists

Commercial Concrete Structural Design and Construct Services

Do you need complete structural design and construct services for a commercial concrete project?

Terazzo provides the benefit of offering complete design and construction services all under one roof. We provide quick-turnaround on realistic budgets for whole of design and construct project packages.

Concrete Design and Construct Specialists

As principal project managers, Terazzo offers complete Design and Construct Services for complex commercial concrete projects across a range of sectors.

Our team combines more than 85 years’ of commercial concreting industry experience with contemporary design industry standards and technologies.

We are passionate about providing design solutions that are innovative and cost-effective in meeting the challenges associated with each project we manage.

Concrete Design Services:

–  Analysis and design of structural support systems for commercial structures.

–  Strength, load bearing and stability calculations.

–  Structural working drawings.

–  RPEQ Certification.

Practical Concrete Design and Construction Experience

For more information on how our complete design and construct services can benefit your project, or to receive a complementary quote, please contact us.


What sets us apart is our practical construction experience and capacity to listen and understand our clients’ needs, with a commitment to collaboration.


From initial consultation to final construction, we work closely with clients to deliver successful projects within specified timeframes and budgets.

  Customised Solutions

Our structural engineering design and construction services provide comprehensive and customised solutions to optimise efficiency and minimize costs.


Terazzo provides complete design and construct services including within the following sectors.

– All commercial and industrial projects
– Machine foundations and pits
– Manufacturing and packaging facilities
– Waste and water treatment facilities
– Abattoirs and food processing facilities

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