Concrete Design and Construct Specialists

Concrete Hardstand and Pavement Specialists

Do you need a concrete hardstand or pavement constructed or repaired?

Not sure how to do that when you are busy operating and have limited time frames to get the job done? 

Terazzo has the competency to construct concrete hardstands and pavements to meet your specific operational requirements, every time.

Concrete Hardstand and Pavement Construction and Repairs WITHOUT Disrupting your Business

Terazzo has been constructing concrete hardstands and pavements within commercial and industrial facilities for more than eight decades.

Our quality assurance processes are designed to ensure that our concrete constructions that we construct are robust and fit for heavy vehicles and long-term use.

Clients trust in our experience, workmanship and expertise constructing concrete hardstands and pavements to meet any size and operational requirement.

Concrete Hardstands & Pavement Design

Design consideration is given to the structural capacity for a concrete hardstand and pavements to last over time, given the variety heavy vehicle use.

Consideration is also given to stormwater drainage to make sure that surface water run-offs efficiently.

Terazzo provides both the structural design, and construction services for concrete hardstands and pavements as a professional, end-to-end service.

Concrete Hardstands & Pavement Repairs

Concrete hardstands and pavements can deteriorate over time, particularly if they have not been designed to suit the client’s operational requirements.

Concrete can corrode and ruts in hardstands and pavements can form that progressively deteriorate with heavy use. Cracks allow water to enter and deteriorate the sub-base, causing further deterioration.

Terazzo has experience and expertise in concrete repairs, no matter the size. This includes concrete cutting, removal of damaged areas, earthwork remediation, concrete joints, steel fixing, formwork, and concrete placement.

Concrete Hardstands and Pavement  Construction

Our experienced team are proficient in all forms of commercial concrete hardstand and pavement construction including the following aspects.

Minimal Downtime

Quick project timeframes and minimal downtime is an important budgetary and
operational factor for many clients. To minimise operational impact, we expertly plan every aspect for every job and can operate 7 days a week and outside of normal business hours
when necessary.


A critical element of hardstand and pavement construction is ensuring the design is suitable for the intended application. Terazzo has the experience to ensure longevity of your hardstand.

  Site Preparation

Demolition and site preparation involves setting out and securing the site, concrete cutting, levelling and removal of spoil in preparation for concrete construction to commence. Terazzo is highly experienced in all elements of site preparation and always respectful of the operational and safety requirements of any site in which we operate.

  Operational Safety

Operational safety is of paramount importance when constructing hardstands and pavements, especially in working environments. Terazzo holds all necessary qualifications and licenses and takes seriously the personal health and safety of all staff, contractors, and clients, in, or around all project work sites.

Our Proven Track Record

Over the past 85 years of operation and service, Terazzo has completed numerous concrete hardstands and pavements for
a variety of clients. Below are some recent examples and we are always happy to provide further information
and complementary quotations.

Bandag Concrete Hardstand

Location: Brisbane

Terazzo constructed 900m2 of 200mm hardstand for this local, repeat client. The project required a very short time frame because the client wanted to use the Easter break as the curing time. The project had requirements for stormwater run-off. Terazzo met all the client’s requirements for the delivery timeframe and stormwater run-off.

James Hardie Concrete Hardstand

Location: Brisbane

Terazzo supplied and placed 11,200m2 of 200mm thick concrete hardstand. Careful planning and project management facilitated staged slab pours to allow James Hardie operations to have truck and forklift movement at all times.

Bandag Concrete Hardstand

Location: Brisbane

A new 400m2 hardstand construction was completed external to this Brisbane-based engineering facility.
The project involved tight access and a staggered pour sequence to facilitate the required expansion joints as per engineering specifications.

Allnex Concrete Hardstand

Location: Brisbane

This hardstand construction project was a replacement for an existing hardstand. The existing hardstand had no fall for stormwater due to being an environmental concern with chemicals manufactured onsite. Terazzo replaced 700m2 of 200mm concrete hardstand, working out of hours over multiple weekends to meet operational requirements. The solution involved installing two new stormwater pits and trenching to direct  contaminated stormwater water to a treatment facility.

Pipemakers Concrete Hardstand

Location: Brisbane

Terazzo replaced 1000m2 of existing asphalt hardstand that had deteriorated. The asphalt was removed and replaced was a 180mm concrete hardstand. The handstand level was lifted to provide a flat storage option, facilitated through the installation of footings, and retaining walls. The project was highly successful and provided a new and professional hardstand facility fit for purpose.