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Project Description:

Rainwater fire-water tank foundations and slabs at Beenleigh.


Project details

Teys Australia upgrade of fire safety infrastructure at their Brisbane processing facility.


What were the challenges?

The preparation of the sub-base required substantial cut and fill, however poor soil quality meant that the cut material could not be utilised for the fill.

High-volume rainwater circular tank slabs require additional foundation strength underneath the load-bearing tank vs. the surrounding square or rectangular slab area, outside of the tank ring.

If the circular section of the slab under the tank is not strong enough, or level, the pre-fabricated tank will sit incorrectly and may suffer degradation over the long term.


How did Terazzo solve these challenges?

Instead of using the cut material to fill as a foundational base, we elected to import suitable base material to create a correct working platform.

From that platform, we excavated the ring beams into natural ground to construct a stronger foundational base to sit under the circular tank itself.

In addition, a high-level of accuracy is essential to make sure the slab to the point of the tank wall, is perfectly level. However, the surrounding slab needs to fall to enable quick surface runoff. We managed this through proper site preparation.

At every project our experienced foreman and project manager, check and sign-off the quality control forms specific to each job, as part of our quality assurance.


Project result

A highly robust and level concrete foundation, suited to the purpose of upholding pre-fabricated steel rainwater tank.

fire water tank foundation

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