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Coved Hobs
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McNab/Stanbroke Meatworks

Project Description:

McNab engaged Terazzo Concrete Construction to form, place and finish approximately 300m of coved hobs for their new chillers at the Stanbroke Meatworks near Gatton, Queensland.


Project details

What were the challenges?

No rebates had been provided in the wearing slab.

How did Terazzo solve these challenges?

Terazzo saw cut and scabbled out a rebate, requiring the use of a wall chaser saw.  In order to meet site food-safety requirements, the sawing was done with full silica dust protection.

We then placed the concrete and formed the coved hobs.


Project result

Terazzo is among very few contractors in Australia that can still handle professional coving, ideally suited to abattoirs and food processing facilities. The result was a top-quality project and highly satisfied client.

concrete coving, coved hobs
concrete coving, coved hobs