industrial and commercial concreting Environmental
Management Policy

Terazzo Concrete Construction
Environmental Management Policy

Terazzo’s Commitment:

a. All legal obligations that apply to the activities we carry out will be adhered to or surpassed.

b. Implement effective controls by identifying impacts to the environment.

c. Strive to minimise our environmental footprint through innovation, energy and resource efficient operations focused on reducing, reusing and recycling.

d. Manage and improve our performance by setting objectives and targets.

e. Train our people to identify environmental risks and opportunities to help improve our performance.

f. Communicate & inform our subcontractors and suppliers to ensure they meet our expectations.

g. Environmental management encompasses diverse aspects including flora, fauna, heritage, water and community interests.

h. Improvement through the use of environmental management systems is a continual process.


Terazzo’s Obligation:

a. Plan for and address all environmental risks and opportunities.

b. Pursuing innovative ways to improve our environmental performance.

c. Care about the long term environmental impact of our activities.


Anthony Giugni – Managing Director